Migration of Snow Geese

Someone made a query in the blogs archives about something like «Geese Voyage»…so im thinking they meant «Geese Migration» and considering that down here in Honduras we only have 1 migrant goose that is the Snow Goose Chen caerulescens ill put a little map on their «Flight Plan»

Geese have long life spans and, like many other large water birds, they use regular stopover places along their flyways and return year after year to the same nesting and wintering areas. The migration pattern of the Snow Geese is typical of ducks, geese, and swans.
Snow Geese nest in high arctic regions from the North Slope of Alaska, eastward along the coast of northwestern Greenland, and southward along the western and southern shores of Hudson Bay. They migrate southward during the fall in large flocks, flying both day and night at high altitudes. The time of their flight is dependent upon weather — they prefer to fly in clear skies and with a good tail wind. When conditions are right they can cover many hundreds of miles during a single high-altitude flight. Snow Geese spend the winter on the mid-Atlantic coast, the Louisiana-Texas Gulf coast, and in California and the Southwest.

Snow Geese nest in arctic regions, then migrate southward to areas with warmer winters. Blue represent their summer areas; red represent their winter areas.

Spring migration patterns

Now, technically we dont have the snow geese right? nope, we do. But its kind of hard to find the bird when no one is looking for it. Theres is 1 confirmed report from the north coast sometime around the 1950´s or so and 1 unsustained report from a Hunter in the southern wetlands where supposedly he shot one down, the way they described the bird in its flight, color size and all theres no doubt it was a Snow Goose, but, im still trying to find this guy to see if he took a picture or something.


Now, in El Salvador (our neighbors to the SW) they have been reporting Snow Geese for a while now….what does this all mean????? it can mean that Global Warming is doing its thing or that its just a bunch of lost birds (big repeated bunch though)……Well it can mean lots of things but my opinion is that Snow Geese are expanding their winter habitat due to reasons still unknown.


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~ por Luis Daniel en abril 10, 2007.

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