Eight Random Facts

This is the Hondubirding Raw Data of the Eight Random Things meme…by the way we were tagged by Birds Etecetera.

1. Im a Biologist but id rather be a Naval Officer (and im still trying to find a loophole to being one)

2. I became a birder by pure chance when I took an elective course in Ornithology at College.

3. The first bird I identified with a Field Guide was the Tropical Kingbird.

4. I have seen the Honduran version of Bigfoot in a Cloud forest (really im not kidding).

5. My personal heroine is Dr. Sherry Thorn, She is an american ornithologist who helped me find my passion for birds.

6. Hondubirding was born on a saturday in August 2006 between 8 and 10 pm. its first entry was about cinnamon teals.

7. Ive got 5 tattoos: Marine Corps emblem on my left shoulder, Galactic Empire emblem (Star Wars) on my right shoulder, Quetzal on my back, «Libertad» a cartoon from the strip mafalda on my chest and «estefania» my mi wife name on my right ankle.

8. Im a Master Mason at Igualdad Lodge No.1 here in Tegucigalpa, the oldest lodge in the country.

~ por Luis Daniel en julio 11, 2007.

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