Top 5 Birds ill never see in Honduras

Riding in a taxi sometime in the afternoon I started to dwell in my mind which birds id like to see but have to leave the country to do so, and I came up with these characters…Guess ill have to start saving up some Benjamins if I ever want to gaze upon these magnificent birds.

Wandering Albatross

Bald Eagle

Skua…the one on the south pole, I dont even know which one it is, but I have to see it!

Emperor Penguin

Chestnut Sided Warbler (this guy migrates here but somehow he eludes me!)


~ por Luis Daniel en julio 16, 2007.

Una respuesta to “Top 5 Birds ill never see in Honduras”

  1. Three of those five we will never see here in Illinois either. And the Cape May is rare in Winnebago County. You will see that warbler soon, he can’t elude you forever!


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