Its that time of the year again….

Its August 10…and what do you know MIGRATION HAS BEGUN!!!!!! Its very early, in fact very very early, I was expecting the first reports as always around late september, but im starting to spot migratory birds here and there in small numbers, some warblers, some Orchard Orioles, Indigo Buntings Swallows and Sandpipers.
At the Birding Club we have some mixed opinions on the matter, some say that those are stragglers that never left, others say its global warming and in my opinion its just nature doing its thing.

Either way im so very excited, migration means more birding time and a boost to my un ending quest for the Chestnut Sided Warbler.
This migration is going to be Warbler Season…im planning on getting all the warblers I can…from the Black and White, to the TN, and if all goes well the Golden Cheeked..

yours truly birding for aquatic migrants…BWT mostly

Id like to read your opinions on this migratory snafu….Are there migrant movements reported recently in the states?

~ por Luis Daniel en agosto 11, 2007.

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