More Birding Videos!

These vids were taken from the second story of our house, our bedroom faces the backyard where we have a bunch of trees and all kinds of birds come to have their bellyfull eating Guayabas, Pacaya seeds (a form of Chamaedora palm) and the bird seed we feed em.
Recently we have had some new visitors including some sort of Owl that stalks the night eating God knows what, we believe mice or geckos probably mice.

Thing is that wednesday afternoon we were terribly bored and there was this Oriole hanging around the pacaya palm eating away, so we decided to film the little rascal, funny thing is that we got the camera on the tripod and all and he never came back out again from the palm, nevertheless in the process of waiting we got some interesting videos of other backyard birds.

Estefanía is getting the hang of the videocamera, a few more vids and Hondubirding will have its own cinematographer 😉

Ruddy Dove
Rufous Naped Wren and White Winged Dove
Clay Colored Robin


~ por Luis Daniel en septiembre 1, 2007.

Una respuesta to “More Birding Videos!”

  1. We LOVE bird videos!!!! Yours are great, keep videoing them – beautiful work!


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