Mouse Hunt!!!

Thing is that this today I was going to the kitchen for my afternoon juice and I see a mouse running up down the living room and the cat chasing the poor creature, so I decide to watch natural selection, survival of the fittest “live on demand”….thing is that the fittest on this ocassion was the mouse…so, in order as to not having a mouse running up and down the house and all I decided to spare him so somehow I grabbed the critter and let it loose on the yard, poor thing was so scared he couldnt move…eventually he went away.

Now…ordinarily I wouldnt have come between a cat and its prey, but last night some A**hole of gigantic proportions poisoned one of the neighborhood dogs (a mix between German Sheppard and a Boxer) and disoriented and in pain he got caught in the barbed wire in the fence….trying to cut him down and save him, he hiperventilated and died a horrible death….I went to bed feeling like crap because my best wasnt enough to save him… thats why I decided to spare the mouse, And I sincerely hope to find the person who poisoned that dog so I can deliver a well deserved can of whoop ass.

Heres the mouse under a table

Heres the mouse after the release…he looks so scared 😦

The cat didnt get any but her appetite was going strong

The dog wanted a piece of the action also

Oh yeah…..Because this is still a birding blog….Im listening to a Grayish Saltator singing on top of a mango tree


~ por Luis Daniel en septiembre 3, 2007.

4 comentarios to “Mouse Hunt!!!”

  1. Buena acción la de dejar libre al ratoncillo…y una pena lo que paso con el perro, hay gente realmente mala en este mundo, pero todo se paga tarde o temprano.

  2. How terrible that someone would poison a dog!! I hope you find that loser and give him what for. Sometimes people really suck.

  3. Hi-
    You have to hear from another Birdfreak member now, but not about your post (it is so terrible, by the way). I just wanted to say hi and that I am glad you are posting…how is the Hurricane Felix affecting you? I hope you all around you are okay.

  4. Well up to this hour 2100 CT everything is OK, the hurricane is degraded to a tropical storm….the problem now is precipitation in the mountain watersheds which will bring (if 1998 happens again) a hell of a lot of water that promises mudslides and such.
    Fortunately COPECO (Honduran version of FEMA) is handling the situation quite well to the moment…Guess we will have to wait a while til the weather clears up a bit.
    Thank you for your concern.


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