Birding Hot Spots in Honduras

Where to bird…. where to bird that is the question that is in the mind of all our potential birders visiting the country or like myself that already lives here.
Now, every little corner you go or every tree you look up youll find something, then again it might not be something interesting as a warbler or a quetzal…thing is we have birds all over the place.

trying to find the best hotspot in Honduras has always been tricky because of all the diverse options of birds to go and check out, so being such a difficult issue im going to put down my favorite hot spots and some (to put them all would be tiresome) notable species you decide if they are smokin hot! or lame as saltine crackers.

Pico Bonito National Park

Slaty Breasted Tinamou
Ornate Hawk-Eagle
Double toothd Kite
Blue Ground Dove
Brown Hooded Parrot
Central American Pigmy Owl
Violet Headed Hummingbird
Black Throated Trogon
Stub Tailed Spadebill
Rufous Mourner
Black Faced Grosbeak

Lancetilla Botanical Garden

Plain Chachalaca
Tawny Faced Quail
Short Tailed Nighthawk
Black Crested Coquette
Northern Potoo
Rufoous Tailed Jacamar
Tropical Peewee
Rufous and White Wren
White Collared Manakin
Slate Colored Seedeaters

La Muralla Wildlife Refuge (mistaken often as a National Park)

Plumbeous Kite
Great Curassow
Barred Parakeet
Burr Throated Foliage Gleaner
Blue Headed Vireo
Black Vented Oriole
Hermit Warbler

Habitat/Species Management Area El Jicarito

My favorite spot of all time, click on the name and get the list.

Multiple Use Area Yojoa Lake

Gray Hawk
Pale Vented Pigeon
Green Breasted Mango
Olivaceus Piculet
White Collared Seedeater
Spot Tailed Nightjar
Red Lored Parrots
Yellow Throated Euphonia

That´s it. As I said, those are only some birds that you can get in those places….easily you can get more than 40 or 50 in one day at each site.

~ por Luis Daniel en septiembre 28, 2007.

3 respuestas to “Birding Hot Spots in Honduras”

  1. Hi Daniel! Just catching up on your blog and enjoying the photos. I can tell you that the grackles are BACK in La Ceiba! OMG, they are so loud in the early morning. (Qualifier- I think they are grackles) Now we have 5 months or so of being rudely awakened.

    I wish I could identify birds by their sounds, but since I’m not even very good at identifying them by sight, I guess there is no hope for me. We have a lot of tall trees and a creek in back and I hear so many interesting sounding birds but can rarely get a good look through the trees.

  2. I would love to see all of those beauties! Thanks for another great post! I am making notes of where to go when I will finally get the chance to visit Honduras!

  3. Im sure theyre Grackles….enjoy them, grackles are one of my favorite birds of all times…The Ceiba ones are not as pretty as the ones we have here in Tegucigalpa, maybe its the salt in the air that messes up their feathers or whatever, but cool birds even so.

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