Woody Woodpecker´s Taxonomy

Last night I woke up with the thought in my head of which species does Woody Woodpecker belong to…so I grabbed my Birds of North America went to the woodpecker section and tried to inmerse myself in the mind of Walter Lantz.

So after some thought I came to the conclusion that «El pájaro loco» as we call him in spanish must be a Pileated Woodpecker dont ask me why because woody is blue and the pileated is black, but then again all the crested woodpeckers were anything but blue.

Then at work I started to do some googleing about the subject and most people (those with enough time to waste to be thinking these kinds of things 🙂 ) agree that it is a Pileated….another guy says that Woody is a Red Headed Woodpecker, which I disagree.

Any other ideas are welcomed.

…..Ideas on these charcaters 😉

~ por Luis Daniel en octubre 22, 2007.

Una respuesta to “Woody Woodpecker´s Taxonomy”

  1. We have always though Woody was a Pileated Woodpecker.

    I think that Donald was a domesticated farm duck but the others I don’t know.

    Tweety Bird was a Canary, the Roadrunner is a Roadrunner, and Foghorn Leghorn was a chicken. Oh yeah, and what was Daffy Duck?

    Great post! Very fun!

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