Assorted pet pics

Some of our pets, neighborhood animals, bugs and plants from the bakyard.

Mrs. Clancy

Dano and Logan checking out some bug




Morning Glory Flower….or at least I think it is…maybe La Gringa is shaking her head in a negative fashion as she reads this because of my crappy botany.

some species of Reduvid insect on my shoulder

Neighborhood Horses theyre very friendly…

~ por Luis Daniel en octubre 28, 2007.

4 respuestas to “Assorted pet pics”

  1. la verdad que Dano y Logan son los gatitis mas lindos de todo el universo, y Horus es el perriti mas lindo aunque es mala onda.

  2. You are vastly overrating my ability to identify plants! It comes nothing close to your ability to identify birds.

    But, I didn’t see the flower photo…are you sure that it uploaded?

    Love the animal photos. The horses are beautiful.

  3. Sometimes the photos dont load. something with the server or whatever..just click refresh and presto!
    BTW…Grackles are here year round so youll have to get used to their being noisy as a traffic jam!

  4. Oops! I spoke too soon. It just took awhile for my slow computer to upload the photo. Yes, I would say that is a morning glory.

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