Yellow Throated Warbler

As it usually is with birding, everytime I leave my camera home a new bird poses ever so elegantly in front of me….tihs was the case Saturday afternoon at the airport in La Ceiba where a Yellow Throated Warbler was feeding on some little insect thingies at the departure gates…

Airport security thought that I was terrorist trying to blow up the gate because I was so delighted on seeing this new bird for my life list (I have now 33% of Honduran birds on my list)
So thing is that airport security was getting all suspicious and they came to ask me what was going on So I tell em «Its a warbler up there check it out» they see the bird and look at me sideways thinking this guy has problems afterwards they left me alone to gaze upon that little gorgeous warbler.

It always surprises me when I see a migratory Warbler (we have resident warblers too by the way) or a Ruby Throated Hummingbird how they fly all the way from the states to here and still have the energies to be jumping up and down chasing each other and posing for the camera (when you dont have one of course), The other day I spotted a Ruddy Turnstone and when I checked my NatGeo birds of North America and saw from where it came flying from…believe me folks I grew some deep respect for the bird.

Well This post was technically about the Yellow Throated Warbler and I ended up praising the flight faculties of Turnstones…..yeah well that happens….heres some info on the Yellow Throated Warbler:

Image from: What Bird

Scientific name: Dendroica dominica

*Length: 4.5 inches
*Small, active, insect-eating bird
*Often forages high in the canopy
*Long, thin, slightly decurved bill
*White supercilium-lores can be white or yellow (depending on race)
*Black forehead, eyeline, cheek extends onto side of neck
*White patch on neck
*Gray upperparts
*Yellow throat and breast
*White underparts with black streaks on sides
*White wing bars
*Black legs
*Female and immature plumages nearly identical to male

~ por Luis Daniel en noviembre 19, 2007.

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