Listado de la Laguna de Caratasca

Ubicada en el departamento de Gracias a Dios…no es un listado completo, solo es una idea de lo que se ha podido identificar

Least grebe

Brown pelican
Olivaceous cormorant


Magnificent frigatebird

Bare-throated Tiger-heron
Great blue heron
Great egret
Snowy egret
Little blue heron
Tricolored heron
Cattle egret
Green heron
Wood stork
Roseate spoonbill

White ibis

Muscovy duck
Blue winged teal
Whistling duck

Turkey vulture
Black vulture

Hook-billed kite
Black shouldered kite
Common black hawk
Black-collard hawk
Roadside hawk

Crested caracara
Bat falcon

Plain chachalaca
Great curassow

Gray-necked wood rail
American coot

Northen jacana

Spotted sandpiper

Laughing gull
Royal tern
Sandwich tern
Black noody

Pale-vented pigeon
Common ground dove
Ruddy ground dove

Mealy parrot
Amazona albifrons
Yellow naped parrot

Groove-billed ani

Cinnamon hummingbird

Black-headed trogon

Ringed kingfisher
Green kingfisher
Pygmy kingfisher

Collard aracari

Ladder-backed woodpecker
Lineated woodpecker


Fok-tailed flycatcher
Social flycatcher
Great kiskadee
Long-tailed tyrant

Mangrove swallow

Brown jay

Southern house wren

Gray catbird

Black and white warbler
Yellow warbler
Yellow throated warbler
Palm warbler
Kentucky warbler
Common yellowthroat
Hooded warbler
American redstart

Montezunma oropendola
Bronzed cowbird
Great-tailed crackel
Baltimore oriole
Yellow-tailed oriole
Red-winged blackbird

Blue gray tanager
Scarlet rumped tanager

Black-headed saltator

Blue black grassquit


~ por Luis Daniel en diciembre 18, 2007.

2 comentarios to “Listado de la Laguna de Caratasca”

  1. Hi Daniel,
    How are you doing?
    I just wanted to thank you for this info.
    I am Brigette from Puerto Lempira, Gracias a Dios (Miskita), but currently studying in the U.S.A.
    I am mayoring in Natural Resources. I just took a bird class. It was really fun to go out searching for birds, and identify them by their songs. With your information now I sort of have an idea of the birds species population down there.
    Keep up the good work, por amor a las aves.

  2. espectacural trabajo !!!! una mente que brilla encontrando sabiduria a su paso .
    segui tu camino , otros trataremos de forjar un destino propio tambien.


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