Cave Paintings of a Coyote near Tegucigalpa

Disclaimer: This is a non birding related post 🙂

Before the year ended I visited some wilderness in the outskists of Tegucigalpa and I stumbled upon some cave drawings I had gone to some years back…thing is that I hadnt noticed a coyote drawn…well no drawn or sketched but carved in the stone.

Well…today while I was checking my camera i noticed a picture of the coyote in question and a real coyote taken by my good friend Dr. Collart while he was in the States visiting his son.

Primitive Coyote Canis latrans carved in the rock by some ancient inhabitants, no idea who.

What a beatiful animal this is….Thanx for the photo JR!


~ por Luis Daniel en enero 10, 2008.

Una respuesta to “Cave Paintings of a Coyote near Tegucigalpa”

  1. Interesante; lo que posiblemente significa que el animal ya existía en la región centroamericana.


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