Hey folks all over the planet….I have got a little present for all y´all.

From now on if you want to download something about birds, conservation, research or anything from Honduras that´s birdish, ecoish or natureish related you can check out the Download Apparatus

There´s an icon on the vertical index with a little earth thingy , just click it and there you are…some (if not most) of the data is in spanish…but its on PDF format so that´s a plus always.

On the apparatus you will find management plans, serious research, bird guides, manuals, strategies…you get the idea, all sorts of stuff that can come in handy now and then.

Hope this tool serves you well, also If you want to share birding documents or something like that please feel free to do so….BTW Birdfreak I uploaded your taking kids birding so more people can have access to it.


~ por Luis Daniel en enero 25, 2008.

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