Solitary Sandpiper

It doesnt even make sense to state where this guy was spotted…they are simply all over the place during migration.

The Solitary Sandpiper is commonly seen in migration along the banks of ponds and creeks. While not truly solitary, it does not migrate in large flocks the way other shorebirds do. They are common with no significant population trends.

It´s a topMedium-sized shorebird. Legs moderately long. Neck moderately long. Bill medium-sized. Back dark olive with scattered small white spots. Bold white eyering. Tail distinctly barred. Rump and center tail feathers dark. Frequently bobs its head. His call is a high pitched whistled «weet, weet.»

Size: 19-23 cm (7-9 in)
Weight: 31-65 g (1.09-2.29 ounces)
Sex Differences
Sexes look alike, female slightly larger.

~ por Luis Daniel en febrero 6, 2008.

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