Planet Earth BBC Documentary

Im not much on recommending things but recently I was given the opportunity to watch the whole 5 DVD documentary of the BBC…It´s simply amazing the scenics, the animals, the things I learned…just great.
And the very best….its narrated by David Attenborough!

Planet Earth Review
Planet Earth BBC Page

My favorite part of the series was that at the end of each documentary you had a behind the scenes on how they made the whole thing and it´s so funny when the cameraman that was for like a 100 hours hiding behind a blind to get the mating ritual of birds of paradise..or the guys being stalked by polar bears….It makes you appreciate the hard work and man hours invested to get you 2 minutes of film on a specifical animal…..

WATCH THE VIDEO ITS AN ORDER!!!!!…but seriously Its that good.
If you have the opportunity to buy them or rent them or whatever…you wont be wasting your time or money… 

by the way….these are the topics on the documentary.
From Pole to Pole
Fresh Water
Ice Worlds
Great Plains
Shallow Seas
Seasonal Forests
Ocean Deep
Saving Species
Into the Wilderness
Living Together

~ por Luis Daniel en febrero 14, 2008.

2 respuestas to “Planet Earth BBC Documentary”

  1. I have heard so much about this wonderful series, your recommendation gives it an extra «star» in my book. I haven’t seen it yet and hopefully will very soon. Is there anything more precious than our beautiful planet and all its glorious creatures ? Not to me,at any rate. Therefore of course one of our jobs as the human «stewards» is to treat it with the utmost respect and reference of course. I was sadn’t broken hearted in fact to see a recent headline that NOT ONE corner of our oceans are uneffected by man’s continual fouling our own nest. I now must watch your youtubes here to see the wonderful birds. Birds are my totem. Birds so beautiful. So symbolic to me. Ducker i am going to be blog rolling your blog because of your wonderful work. It will be under living links..because without respect for our planet and our delicate inter connected ecology – NONE of us will live

  2. Thank you for suck a motivating post….keep up the good work in your blog also

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