Wine Throated Hummingbird

La Tigra National Park march 17 2008

The Wine Throated Hummer is a great example of the wonderful colors that hummers have, it is also a good example of how hard it is to get a good photo. I took about 40 shots of this hummer and not one photo came out good.


~ por Luis Daniel en marzo 30, 2008.

3 comentarios to “Wine Throated Hummingbird”

  1. yup that tends to be a challenge when something is moving so rapidly. Kudos for trying,though. You have some other beautiful pics on your site so we will forgive you for this 🙂

    hummingbirds are very beatiful.

  2. Daniel, have you ever taken a look at Bird Chick’s blog? She’s heavy into birding, too, but in North America.

  3. Kathleen…tell you the truth I did visit once but totally forgot of the blog existing…im totally adding her to my blogroll!


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