Resplendent Quetzal Nest Video

La Tigra National Park march 17 2008

These are the crown jewels from the trip….A male resplendent quetzal nesting!!!

We woke up at 5 am to get these images, the interesting part was that during the night the female roosts inside the nest and the male roosts somewhere around, when morning came the female got out of the nest and perched a few trees from the nest a few minutes later the male got inside the nest to continue the process of incubation….SO COOL!!!

In the video you cant see the nest quite so precise…so We took some photos also where you can see thr tail of the Quetzal floating in the breeze, they leave their tail out so in doesnt get ruined in the tight nest area…talk about being glamorous 😉

Hope you enjoyed the La Tigra National Park Special
Stefan and Danny


~ por Luis Daniel en abril 1, 2008.

5 comentarios to “Resplendent Quetzal Nest Video”

  1. Hey Daniel! I tried to watch your latest two videos and it tells me that they are no longer available on YouTube. ;-(

  2. Oops. Never mind. It’s working now.

    It makes me want to get up at 5 a.m. and go sit in the jungle area behind our house to see what I can see. I’m so afraid of the snakes, though.

  3. just put on some boots LG and youre set…believe me snakes are more scared of you than yo are of em…they will just slither away and wont bother you. If I had a dollar for everytime Ive seen a snake in the field and a quarter for each time I grabbed one…well I wouldnt be Bill Gates but Id be some sort of wealthy….

    Thanks for the visit LG!

  4. These pictures are insane, where were these taken?

  5. Hi Nick…nice to have your visit…the pics where taken in La tigra National Park in central Honduras…


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