J.Maradiaga Special IV: Red Lored Amazon (Parrot)

Amazona autumnalis

Photo by Javier Maradiaga
Taken at La Moskitia

The Red-lored Amazon or Red-lored Parrot is a species of Amazon parrot, native to tropical regions of the Americas, from eastern Mexico south to Ecuador, with a disjunct population in central Brazil, where it occurs in humid evergreen to semi-deciduous forests up to 1100 m altitude. It is absent form the Pacific side of Central America north of Costa Rica.

It is 32-35 cm (13 in) long, with a weight of 310-480 g. The plumage is primarily green, with red forehead and in some subspecies yellow cheeks (sometimes with red spots). The crown is blue. Adult males and females do not differ in plumage. Juveniles have less yellow on cheeks, less red on forehead, and dark irises.

There are four subspecies:
Amazona autumnalis autumnalis (Linnaeus, 1758). Caribbean coasts from eastern Mexico south to northern Nicaragua.
Amazona autumnalis salvini (Salvadori, 1891). Northern Nicaragua south to Colombia and Venezuela.
Amazona autumnalis lilacina (Lesson, 1844), the Lilacine Amazon, Western Ecuador.
Amazona autumnalis diadema (Spix, 1824). Lower Rio Negro area, central Brazil.

The Red-lored Amazon is a popular companion parrot.

Their food includes fruits, nuts and seeds. Avocado and eggplant are poisonous to them (as they are for many parrots and other animals).

~ por Luis Daniel en noviembre 23, 2008.

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