Lancetilla Botanical Garden bird list 2008

Xmas bird count 2008
List compiled by Robert Gallardo, Daniel Germer and the xmas count birders

Little Tinamou
Plain Chachalaca
Great Egret
Little Blue Heron
Bare Throated Tiger Heron
Black Bellied Whistling Duck
Cattle Egret
Black Vulture
Turkey vulture
Grey Hawk
Roadside Hawk
Zone Tailed Hawk
Short Tailed Hawk
Common Black Hawk
Bat Falcon
Laughing Falcon
Common Pauraque
Mottled Owl
Pale Vented Pigeon
Red Billed Pigeon
Blue Ground Dove
White Crowned Parrot
Red Lored Parrot
Olive Throated Parakeet
Brown Hooded Parrot
Ruddy Crake
Blue Crowned Motmot
Turquoise Browed Motmot
Keel Billed Toucan
Collared Aracari
Rufous Tailed Jacamar
Black Headed Trogon
Stripe Throated Hermit
Purple Crowned Fairy
Scaly Breasted Hummer
Cinammon Hummer
Rufous Tailed Hummer
Vaux Swift
Black Swift
Groove Billed Ani
Mangrove Cuckoo
Squirrel Cuckoo
Pigmy Kingfisher
Olivaceous Piculet
Golden Fronted Woodpecker
Yellow Bellied Sapsucker
Smoky Brown Woodpecker
Pale Billed Woodpecker
Lineated Woodpecker
Cocoa Woodcreeper
Wedge Billed Woodcreeper
Streak Headed Woodcreeper
Social Flycatcher
Yellow Olive Flycather
Yellow Bellied Flycatcher
Dusky Capped Flycatcher
Boat Billed Flycatcher
Brown Crested Flycatcher
Ochre Bellied Flycatcher
Tropical Kingbird
Masked Tytira
Bright Rumped Attila
Northern Bentbill
Yellow Bellied Tyrannulet
Brown Jay
Great Antshrike
Barred Antshrike
Yellow Throated Vireo
White Eyed Vireo
Tawny Crowned Greenlet
Lesser Greenlet
Northern Waterthrush
Magnolia Warbler
Hooded Warbler
Yellow Warbler
Black Throated Green Warbler
Chestnut Sided Warbler
Blue Winged Warbler
Worm Eating Warbler
Golden Winged Warbler
American Redstart
Kentucky Warbler
Common Yellowthroat
Black and White Warbler
Yellow Breasted Chat
White Collared Manakin
White Breasted Wood Wren
Yellow Throated Euphonia
Olive Backed Euphonia
Wood Thrush
Clay Colored Robin
Gray Catbird
Dusky Antbird
Summer Tanager
Buff Throated Saltator
Crimson Collared Tanager
Red Crowned Ant Tanager
Golden Hooded Tanager
Scarlet Rumped Tanager
Yellow Winged Tanager
Green Honeycreeper
Variable Seedeater
Blue Black Grassquit
Thick Billed Seedfinch
White Collared Seedeater
Indigo Bunting
Great Tailed Grackle
Melodius Blackbird
Giant Cowbird
Baltimore Oriole
Black Cowled Oriole
Montezuma Oropendola
Yellow Billed Cacique
Black Striped Sparrow


~ por Luis Daniel en diciembre 8, 2008.

Una respuesta to “Lancetilla Botanical Garden bird list 2008”

  1. Good stuff – I admire people who know their birds. Once I traveled with a friend who kept a list in his pocket.


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