Best Find of the Day!

Yesterday we went birding with my good buddy Robert to a new site for both of us, the Uyuca Biological Reserve…long story short, the weather was crap, no birds sung, no birds where around either except for hummers which where all over the place.

But one thing made my day, it wasnt the birds, it wasnt the wonderful beatiful and majestic cloud forest, it was 4 other birders we found, and maybe for the folks in the US who read this wont grasp the magnitude of the event, but for us down here in Honduras to find more birders to share our hobbie is like finding and ivory billed woodpecker.

all in all in Honduras I can count birders with the fingers of my hand, you all know who you are and I am very proud of you all! lets keep this going strong.

In the photo is Carlos Funes, Oscar Bolaños..and the girls I cant remember their names (my bad)


~ por Luis Daniel en febrero 2, 2009.

2 comentarios to “Best Find of the Day!”

  1. I will confess, Ara (me) is right next to Carlos! jajajaja It´s like coming out…i guess

  2. Christ!
    Ara…this is indeed a very small world, in fact its so small its scary!
    nice to know that i have actually met you…keep on birding


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