Baltimore Oriole

Banpaís Tower (6th floor) San Pedro Sula
Photo by Marvin Corrales

This is Marvin´s second contribution to the blog and now with even better photos! ill publish em accordingly.
Apparently the banpaís tower building is a hotspot for birds and right now with migration Oh boy all the birdies!

such nice colors!

~ por Luis Daniel en febrero 13, 2009.

9 respuestas to “Baltimore Oriole”

  1. Nice pic!!! This is really a bit far from the subject, but as an inexperienced birder I cannot grasp the concept of a life list, I mean is it a list you just make on your own or do you use a particular standard birder list? Can anyone help me??

    • Ara:
      for example a life list here in Honduras would be a standard list of all the birds inside our borders, thats the one I use…then again more experienced birders or with more money who can afford to bird all over the world have more extensive life lists.

      Another thing id like to evantually see a bald eagle but it wouldnt count as a life bird for me because my life list is only that for Honduras…..Are you getting the idea?

  2. I am getting the idea; so what you are saying is that I have to get every list from different regions of the country so I can complete a general list of all the birds I could see? and do migrant species count?

  3. Ara
    Thats the basic idea, fortunately for you theres a big list of all the honduran birds so you dont have to go around gathering and mixing lists….migrant species count too

    im up to 302 life birds out of some 733, im getting there, slowly but surely

  4. hmmm where can i get ahold o this list? im pretty sure ive seen less but im definitely in the 100+….. it think

  5. I already did!!!! Thanks! thats quite the list I am checking write now, quick question: Do zoo species count? or is it not the same thing since they arent in their natural environment

    Thanks Again!!!!!

  6. I have 120 on my life list (feels goood to say that ) but there are some that I am positive Ive seen that arent there such as the Yellow-throated brush finch positive its not the white naped BF.

  7. Ara:
    some species arent listed due the fact that sometimes we forget to type em in, so feel free to add em, the list keeps growing and growing, ive seen country lists that reach some 750 species.

    Zoo birds dont count, that would be cheating, then again ive gooten at least 3 life birds in «sort of» conditions like the Scarlet Macaw thats a resident of rain forests in eastern Honduras ive seen em flying in Choluteca because a dude has lots of em roaming free…so maybe you can bend the rules a bit I guess jejeje.

    120 is a great number, keep looking up and youll reach 200 in no time 🙂

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