Birding the First Day of Spring

Yes yes yes Spring has arrived!!! which means that for all of us here in Honduras the heat will get to around 40°c, the sun will scorch the ground and forest fires will br ablazing all over the country also that all migrants are leaving and today (the 21st anyway) we saw a couple of em like the Indigo Buntings and a Rose-breasted Grosbeak, as ive been whining on some recent posts, im gonna miss those migrants, cant wait for november!!!!

And what a day for birding it was! in a couple of hours we got some great great birds like the Slate-colored Solitaire!…oh yeah did I tell y´all that it was La Tigra National we went birding?….anyhow we got a couple of Solitaires, a mountain trogon, crescent-chested warblers, emerald toucanets…no Resplendent Quetzal though 😦 we heard a couple of em if that counts as something…oh yeah and I cant forget our close encounter with the turd of an ocelot filled with porcupine needles (ouch that mustve hurt, poor cat! LOL) and the remains of the porcupine (poor porcupine, he had his vengeance though). And the Mountain Viper that I almost stepped on, you know as I said IT WAS A GREAT DAY!!!!

We, as in the wife, Lee and myself had a blast with the birds and joking around with all sorts of things…..good way to start spring: good friends, good birds, good laughs, great times…birding times!


~ por Luis Daniel en marzo 28, 2009.

5 comentarios to “Birding the First Day of Spring”

  1. Hey, do you have your list from La Tigra? We’re hiking from El Hatillo to San Juancito over Semana Santa and lists help me significantly with ID . Hoping for the Quetzal…it might be my only chance.

  2. Andres:
    Theres a blog entry with the entire tigra list around 180 species heres the link….LA TIGRA

    what day are you going up there? maybe ill see you guys, Im planning a trip myself to go camping.

  3. hola me parece muy bien esta pagina web ..fue soy una persona amante de la naturaleza y de la ybonita tu web amigo felicitaciones…

  4. uggggh I hate snakes that is a good picture of something awful. I am amazed at how much your webpage has improved in the small amount of time that I have been reading your blog. Keep up the good work. KUDOS!

    • Mandy:
      Snakes are just missunderstood, theyre nice creatures, whats up with your blog, havent seen much activity in a couple of months now, I guess youre pretty bussy and all.
      Keep strong!


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