Quetzal in Flight

Yes indeed!!!
For starters according to Petersen this bird is the most magnificent one in the new world, and im not one to disagree with him…..but then again how can you state that its such a magnificent bird when sometimes finding a pot of gold is easier then spotting this elusive creature.

Now if you have had the pleasure of gazing upon this fine creature youll see that its quite magnificent with green and red and white and other colors in between, but seriously its one cool bird.

But to watch the quetzal flying is a whole other ballgame because cloud forests are so thick with clouds and trees and stuff that watching a flight pattern is quite impossible.

So I googled up a couple of photographs of the Quetzal flying….and 15 thumbs up to who ever took the pictures, because its quite a feat, Ive seen them flying a couple of times and they go very VERY fast…..this is not wetland birding ill assure you! LOL



Now….ill give you some pointers for birding quetzals here in Honduras that will come in handy whenever you are down here birding in cloud forests…now dont get me wrong if the pointers go against birding protocol, its just that this bird is….well weird.

1. Dont go looking for it early in the morning, Quetzals dont do cold misty mornings…do your other birds at that hour like warblers or whatever, start «Quetzaling» at around 10 until maybe 2 pm.

2. Best time for quetzal is around february until june….afterwards they are around but dont sing that much

3. Before you even get in country be very familiar with the song of the quetzal and the other trogons, the quetzal and mexican trogon have almost the same song but the mexican trogon song is a bit faster.

4. Ohh yeah! dont go looking for quetzals at sea level (even though they have been spotted at those elevations)…..the best places for quetzal in Honduras are….
La Tigra National Park
Celaque National Park
La Muralla Wildlife Refuge
and a bunch of other places I cant remember….look for elevations above 1800 meters above sea level… thats around 6000 feet.

5 If you are really into the quetzal, and they tell you that Gautemala is the place for it, dont believe em, Honduras has more habitat and better conservation on their populations….but by all means go to Guatemala, its a wonderful country!…you could see the Horned Guan!!!

6 If its raining or too cloudy, dont bother even though you wont get very wet in the cloud forest, a bit cold maybe but the quetzal doesnt like it so unless you have super cool eyes that see beyond infinity

7 If you come down here Quetzaling lemme know! Im into population estimates of the bird.

I think thats it….Hope it comes in handy

~ por Luis Daniel en julio 31, 2007.

2 respuestas to “Quetzal in Flight”

  1. Donde tomaste estas fotos parecen saliendo a Gracias Lempira.

  2. Las fotos no son mias….pero me imagino que son en Guatemala o Costa Rica

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