Eastern Meadowlark

Reportado el 1 de mayo en bosque secundario de pino en Zambrano, Fco. Morazán

Tiene un canto muy bonito….

~ por Luis Daniel en mayo 7, 2008.

4 respuestas to “Eastern Meadowlark”

  1. Daniel,

    As always beautiful photos.

    Did you read our Gringa’s blog about getting robbed? The poor thing…I feel so bad for her and El Jefe.

    Looked at your other site…it is good,too. My grandfather was a Mason and my mother was a Rainbow Girl. I have not crossed over but it has been on my mind after an invite I recieved.

  2. Mandy: Yes I read about it…but didnt get what precisely went down so im waiting for LG to post a follow up on the matter…
    It´s terrible to get robbed. it leaves you with a miserable sensation all over.

    on a lighter note Freemasonry is real nice, you should join Rainbow Girls and if you come down here to live you can start a chapter….we dont have any of those things down here just the pure Masonry

  3. Yeah, I got robbed in Mexico and it was awful. It was a small amount of money and I knew who stole it. We did not report it since it was a small amount and well,the mexican police are famous about corruption for a reason. So I sucked it up and went on knowing that this family had dinner on the table that night…they were that poor.

    I am just upset about the tornados we have had here in Arkansas. I don’t think that Carlos understood until I took him driving through the city he used to live in. It is very humbling to look at situations like that. My friend I wrote about in my blog…her mom and grandpa and aunt made the front page news because everything in that house got blown away except for the small corner they were standing in. This thing in Mynamar is just horrendous.

    On a lighter note: I think the chapter for the older girls is called Eastern Stars or something to that effect. I may just have to check it out and I might just do that. It always feels good to be a part of something.


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