My «One with the Birds» Moment

This happened in december 08 in lake yojoa, I was attending a meeting about sustainability or some other thing in that line of thought… anyway the conference room had those big double glass doors, the kind birds have a tendency to crash on.

As you may know, these meetings tend to get boring real fast so I went outside to grab some fresh air and to yawn with more freedom. It was around four thirty pm or five when all of a sudden theres this big «THUMP!» in the glass doors and im thinking oh well another great tailed grackle is dead due to crashing with these things upon closer inspection I realize that its not a grackle but a Ferruginous Pigmy Owl!

I thought the owl was dead and I was getting ready to throw him in the bushes when someone noticed faint breathing movements so I breathe upon him and made the Owl call…suddenly the owl opens his eyes and grabs my index finger with his talons (real strong lil birds those) I keep doing the owl call and breathing on his face….he flew away to a nearby tree and I imagine hes doing ok.

It was a nice experience, very heartwarming.

~ por Luis Daniel en febrero 9, 2009.

Una respuesta to “My «One with the Birds» Moment”

  1. Cool. I had an experience like this with a Toucan, who flew to the tree I was sitting under, and was less than 2 meters away for what seemed like minutes, inspecting me. He’d flown across the Cangrejal river from Pico Bonito Natl. Park.

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